Practicing happiness to boost your success:

“ Whether you think, you can, or you think, you cannot: You are right ”

This quote explains it well in a way that if you are determined to do some specific thing then you will definitely do it and got succeed but if you are not determined then it is obvious that you may got failure. I strongly believe that your willingness and internal energy is responsible for all your emotions and the stuff which you displayed externally through your body language, expressions etc. In regard of being happy first you need to be positive.

There are the five secrets to become a positive thinker:

  1. We should always see adversity as opportunities.

2. As emotions are contagious, we should always be positive because people will be more positive if we are positive.

3. Positive attitude is the decision that we make.

4. Positive attitude can be learned through gratitude so show and practice gratitude.

5. Positive thinking becomes a self-fulfilling prediction.

To implement these five secrets first you need to practice 5 steps to positive change suggested by Shawn Achor.

I came to know that before knowing about practicing positive change and writing this blog I am already implementing these practices in my life. I am going to share it with you:

1. Gratitude: Whenever anyone helps me or say greetings to me I usually used to show gratitude to him / her as it opens the door for future too.

2. Exercise: I used to do push-ups and squats on regular basis. I don’t know whether it gives me positivity or not but it surely gives me muscular relaxation and keep my body in shape / balance.

3. Random acts of kindness: You may take initiative of practicing positivity at your home too by offering someone a glass of water or a cup of tea, by organizing their closet etc.

Being happy is an art. It is not dependent on your success. Although success can add into your happiness but happiness is not all about success. We need to learn how to be happy even before success, if we do so we’ll automatically be directed towards the path of success with positivity and happiness.

So, be positive and be happy always and yes don’t forget to smile.