2. Activity: Single most important lesson I’ve learned from the fellowship

My passion in overall in Amal academy

I was third time apply in Amal academy before this when I was Hyderabad Amal team called me for telephone interview but unfortunately they rejected me I don’t know why? Then I felt to visited Amal office and talk about graduation to face to face I did it which would be successful

What is the most important lesson?

I learned lot of thing in last three months under the Amal Academy most important leadership, extramile, teamwork, resume writing for different position, effective cover letter as well as overall passenger series was very impressive for my life after it I felt my life changed completely.

Why do you think this is important?

Yes I was applied many interviews before which were unsuccessful full because I didn’t know about the strategies now I felt completely changed my self. Secondly through this my writing skills also have improved. Whole fellowship was good for brainstorming.

How do you plan to apply this lesson beyond Amal fellowship?

I have started Amal lesson in my career I also plan to apply different job after Ramzan.

Activity: Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily

After long working throughout fellowship it was important go to trip at the end of the fellowship to most remarkable in your life.

How was the session?

Overall session was good, good experience outdoor with Amal fellows.

What did you enjoyed the most about this day?

I lived in last four years at Lahore but never visited this before I have no idea about fortress before, when I was entered in fortress I felt very differently. The movie session was good.

What was it like to be a tour guide through these experiences?

Yes when we started select movie it was difficult to select movie one person suggested that watch trailer of movie. Than select the movie. It was good experience.

Do you think you learned more being a tour guide or being someone who was guided?

Yes It was good feeling after guided trip.

What were the lessons that you think you learned from the things/places we explored?

Yes in movie I learned many things about society issues. The movie was “ Hindhi Medium”

What do you think this session has to do with maintaining work/life balance?

Yes, outdoor sessions were good to relax for mind and body.

Please include pictures from the session, as would love to see them and they will

Sorry I have no picture of that session

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