Mega Project Update Our Idea to Build Amal Library and Collection of Books For Alif Laila institute

Group Name: Trailblazers (Circle 1)

Group members

Muhmmad Noman Zahid






Education for everyone it is common phenomena since last 2 decays. Now we are facing many problems on the globe. Some are commonly denoted; terrorism, extremism, poverty, unemployment same as education. These entire problem exist only line which is education. For this, promoting “education for all” we decided about to design “ Amal Library” in “Alif Laila Institute”. Because we believe that revolution comes only one way which is education. For Mega project, we will be collected books from students and laymen. On that we have decided to visit; University of Education, University of Management Technology, Punjab University including Jinnah Library. Our vision is to promote cheap and reliable education system in Pakistan. As well as promote Humility concept to modern world. So we are going to set up library at Alif Laila Institute with the name of Amal Library. The purpose of Amal library is to help every poor student of our society who wants gain knowledge and member of Amal community may be students, staff. It will be helpful for every student to gain knowledge, improve skills and dispositions for learning as well as personal development that they will use throughout their lives.

Objective to build Amal Library

The goal of Amal Library is to develop information literate students who are responsible and ethical participants in society. Information literate students are competent self-directed learners who are aware of their information needs and actively engage in the world of ideas. They display confidence in their ability to solve problems and know how to locate relevant and reliable information.. Information literate students are flexible, able to adapt to change, and able to function both individually and in groups.

Target of Books

We will urge students to donate; General Knowledge, History, Novel, entertainment as well as course books.


In personal meeting with students and Social media these tactics we will encourage Students to donate their unused books to help other students in their study as well as helping to build Amal Library. We will visit some education sector as well as students hostels for marketing and collecting books from students. Others different Medias like, Integra, twitter.

Campus Drives

We will organize campus drives for collection books in PU, UET, UOE , UMT and GCU.

Team Work and Roles

Kaleem Ullah will be responsible for Social Media Marketing.

Noman Will Collect Books.

Munsif and Zain will handle logistics and other stuff.

Roshini, Ambassador of this Library.

Blog three

What were the challenges?

As a team we faced many challenges in team working because every member of our team is students. I was mention only what I faced challenges for doing mega project. I was start my book collection from PU hostels to visited every room of the hostel. First I was introduced about Amal academy what are objects of Amal academy what is it future plan of Amal academy in Pakistan. Then, I was announced about collection of books for Amal library. one of them, asked question that what is the future of that library? how you changed the education system through this library? I was replied that your mention through this library to build Humility and education in the society. Big challenge I was faced when I was moving to Education University for the book collection security guard did allowed interring in university for the book collection. Then I was collected d books outside of university. We collected books from students; some where we faced misbehaved from students’ side as well other people. One student talked very badly with me he said how we believed you are going to build Amal library and you should made a library with relate any person like Allama Iqbal library or any other hero. Then we replied maybe we should change its name may be relate Abdul Sattar library.

What was the outcome?

By spring the project that outcomes comes through passage of time we meet almost above to 200 hundred students for that and collected almost 100 books from hostels and Universities in relative different field.

Future of the Amal library

The Amal Library will become Modern library in the future which will be based on modern technology as well as helpful for the professionals in their own fields like; banking, marketing and fresh graduates. Also our plan is to expand this activity on a large scale. Met with the team of “SAHARA TRUST”. We present our idea and they were very inspired from our vision. They promise to help us for the expansion. They show their interest in collaboration with us to work as team. The main goal is to facilitate the children as much as we can. Because we believe that these kids are our future and we have to support them. Also our plan to open a school in which we provide best education free of cost. For this purpose we need funds and establish a strategy how to get these funds. We contacted with “MARRY STOPPES NGO” which is associated with “US AID” and also contacted with all pakistan business association in which I have good contacts, they promise to help us to accomplish this dream.

Rules and Regulation of library;

Rules and regulations are only under the Alif Laila institute at Gulberg Lahore.

(Mega project power point file also attached as a separate file)