I read many different stories,novels and blogs but then I get an opportunity to read about Edhi sb that is such an incredible experience to know about this ‘man’ he is such an amazing personality yet simple and thanks to #amalacademy for making me realize about his personality by telling such a detailed stories of his journey. According to Edhi Sb your small actions will create a big difference in society and to do something or to achieve your goals in life you really do not need the so called right situations all you need to have that one step which will take to the next level of creating that difference from others.I can relate this one of my amazing experiences of life, when I decided to visit Dubai, one year later I was afraid to travel & live alone without family so I took a decision that I can do it, i just made a plan, completed all the relevant process and fawn, I learnt that just take a plan which may be full of flaws and shortcomings but once you do that you will come to the exact meaning of how you can do it even more better.Fear is just a thought and has no existence.

I really want to learn cooking from my mother at home because that is something i found interesting when i was a child and want to excel this skill on a professional level but did not get an opportunity to do so because i am studying, and making food for boys is not really a tradition in our society. I belong to an orthodox family where such activities are for women only so I was afraid to feel that way.That was a challenge for me to make my mother think that i like cooking, persuading her to teach me at least making her feel confident that i can make good food.

That was quite challenging for me to make my self feel comfortable, coming out from comfort zone is very thought provoking as well. An amazing learning experience has been found in the end of this activity and my mother was also amazed that how well i cooked, #In sha Allah I will take admission in some good institute soon to further excel my skills.