Developing A Relationship

After reading the chapter of book titled “How-to-win-friends-and-influence-people” by “Dale-Carnegie” I realized a new way to win a strong relationship. I applied the concepts of this chapter and become a stronger friend of one of my class fellow.

I liked some examples in this chapter very much as Dale-Carnegie mention that when he is writing short story and the famous editor of the magazine told him “If the author doesn’t like people won’t like his or her stories”. I found many examples and worthy lesson in this chapter.

And I liked the example of the dog that a dog do not produce any economic thing but we like it due to its loyalty towards us.

As I am doing B.B.A and my last semester is going on and I wanted one of my class fellow to become a best friend of mine, I had a casual hello, hi with him but I always think that why he does not talk to me like a best friend and why he is not my best friend.

After reading this chapter I realize that if I want him as my best friend, I myself should take an initiative and talk about his personality so I applied this concept. After reading this book one day I go to him and give warm greetings and started asking about his studies, he told me about his study pattern and how does he get prepared for exams, then I ask him about his family and interests, he told me about his history and how his school and college life was. As he closed his past I ask about his future plans after studies and he told me that he does not want to do job for a long time and he will do job only for 2 to 3 years and after a reasonable experience he would start his own business, after that I ask him to share his business ideas and he told me each and every thing and then say him good bye and left. Next day I meet him again and had a good conversation about his life and then his interest developed in me and he started doing questions about my life and in this way I won a good friendship in two days which I could not achieve in three years.

So I had a great experience after applying the idea of the book and learnt how to develop a strong relation.