The Interested Challenge!

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie is a best source of recognizing and making yourself better. He discusses many ideas to become a popular person among the people. I have learnt several things from this piece of writing. These are

Ø We should know about human nature.

Ø We should interest in the people to become their most close companions.

Ø We should concentrate on their needs because it is a famous quote “A friend is need is a friend indeed”.

I would love to explain a few days ago experiences with my members of family, friends, teachers, and other people. I have an introvert personality. Before reading this piece of writing, I was a silent person; I could not have a desire to keep good relations with people. Now I have realized about making new friends because we cannot achieve our manifesto of life without companions. Two days ago, I took an action to check these hints provided by Dale Carnegie, I used to talk with a class fellow whom I never talked before. I was much surprised after a few minutes communication, because she was speaking very politely to convey her emotions. I thought that how it would be for another if he/she did not have any understanding between them. I would like to explain it clearly with Aristotle’s Quotation.

Aristotle the legendary Greek philosopher said,

“Man is by nature a social animal”.

Therefore, we can say that man cannot live alone. He must satisfy certain natural basic needs in order to survive. He has to enter into relationships with his fellowmen for living a life. No man can break the shackles of mutual dependence.

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