Think Big,Begin with Small

My first art of blog is About Abdul Sttar Edhi Sb. that how he take small innitiative in life to achieve big dream.

Edhi Sb’s is not the personality but an Ideology.He started to help peoples in very smal age when the other boys want to play games,wear new clothes etc. This habit is developed by his mother who belives in Humantism.She givehim 2 paisa when he would went to school.One for Poor and other for Edhi Sb.Thats was the small begining,no one known that time,this person will be the Founder of One of the biggest charitable institution.Same as with me, I thought in my B.Com session that I will start my business in future.and then I started part time jobs to get experience and collecting investment.Now after 4 years, I started my business with three partners sincce January 2017.

Every person has its nown goals in his life.Like this I also have many goal in my life.Goal are not same in entire life.It become changes with the passage of time.I set my goal when I was in I.COM that I will do Phd in Finance because in our faimly,there in noone person who did PhD so I decided that time to do PhD.

I set this goal because there is no one in my failmy who have PhD so Iwant to become a Ist person who do this.With this my parents specially, my father also have wish todo PhD in Commerce.Thats the reason I started of my goal.

I was an average student or below average, who would fail in mid term exams and passed in annual exam with very lowest marks. But when I set this goal then it requied a lot of effort from my side to achieve this. Thats the challemge for me. So I started working hard to work on this and I surprised when I got round about 80% score in Inter.This was a big motivation for me.Our college is far away far away frommy home,so I waked up early morning at 3.00AM to reach college on time.

To achieve this goal, I identify the activities:

  1. Work Hard.
  2. In which subject I do PhD.
  3. I read my books & notes every time when I was free.It doesn’t matter that time I was in home or in bus.

When I got good score in Inter by the grace of Allah and my parents asked their friends about my achievment then they bring gifts for me in the form of cash & sweets to motivate me.That was the time,I thought when you work hard then society recognize your abilities and give you respect then it become my passion to do PhD in Commerce.

I learn one big thing from my this time,that is “ Nothing is impossible.” You need to just start then success will follow you.

Now I have completed MS in Finance and looking forward to takeadmission in PhD in well known unviersity. For this purpose I am making preparation for entry test of PhD.