How To Win Friends & Influence People!

A Fusion Reaction Towards The Mutual Attraction

It was about the critical defensive situations facing during the conversation with the people around us.

Mutual Understandings ,Team Work and Appreciation

Most of the friends did not want to share their goals, achievements as well as plans about their next phases of life. Because mostly did not have any core plans or ideas about their short term plannings(STP) but they have their long- term plans like to achieve the goals or want to be a super hero. I think, short term plannings are very compulsory part of life to achieve the long term- plannings. I found that, those people were the successful ones who have their STPs and also they were not defensive as well to share their stories and they were really feeling proud to share their stories and goals.

Being polite, happy and make a friendly smile is the best way to catch friends I guess. Be a respectful is also a blazing effect of getting respect towards them. It can create a strong fusion and attraction effect towards us. Greeting smile as well as the apart smile makes this fusion bound strong. Showing himself as a genuine to everyone is also a very core conception.

Expressing energy and enthusiasm with smile can be a cause to create fusion passionately. Understanding the values of others can make us more valuable magnetically.

Balanced power of mutual understandings makes the fusion stronger. These bounds are invulnerable in nature. Heartiest greetings and a warm welcome can open the door of relations.