Respect, Love, Relationships, Values, Purpose of Life, Career Management, Gratitude, Being Real, Professionalism, Business Writing & Communication Skills.

What I learnt from fellowship? Actually I mostly asked a question form myself that what is something unique about vision of life that I did not learn from fellowship?

This questions belongs…

Career Counseling and Concerning about Professional Life

I decided to share to share my thinking and experiences about the tips of Sohail Sb(ABL) with my close friend Muhammad Saad Hassan. He knows a lot about education filed and technical work know how. I asked him that, according to the tips…

Project 3: Eat that Frog with a Pomodoro

Pomodoro is useful technique almost for everyone. It is helpful to avoid problematic situations. I sometimes takes pauses while trapped in critical work done, then go to the mom for political discussion because of their interest in news and then I said…

Muhammad Shahzaib

Observer, Thinker & Researcher | Film Critic |

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