Informational Interview

“After Geological Engineering teaching is the cleanest job any person can get.” In my four years of Engineering these were the words that I had heard from most of the people. I could not get to like this argument unless I had strong facts in its favor. To get to the core of this I decided to make an Informational Interview with one of my professors. I chose my professor who has a double MSc degree and a PhD degree in Geo-Technical Engineering, which is my field of interest.

I made up my mind and went to visit him. I made a list of questions which I would ask from him. I was not sure whether I would be in favor or against it. On the decided day I was in his office. He was so glad that I was concerned and curious about his profession. He promised me to answer all the questions sincerely and asked me to bring up my first question. After a minute of thinking I asked him “What is a typical day on this job really like? He smiled and said “Giving knowledge to someone never bores you. You always want your students to learn more about the field you are working in.” That brought me to my next question “What do you like about your job? Any dislikes?” He said “I love to convey knowledge to others I can’t keep a new concept to myself. One thing I don’t like about this field is that you have to convey all of your knowledge through words and you cannot create an image of the field unless you take them there.” Then I came up with a point which always pinches me “How do you stay current in your knowledge?” He replied “Staying current in your knowledge is very difficult sometimes so to keep my knowledge up to date I always search internet about new researches I keep myself active in the conferences abroad. Moreover I myself do research work along with teaching.” My next question was “What are the most important parts of your job?” He said “Keeping knowledge up to date and making sure the students get the most benefit from it.” Then I asked him “What would you recommend I do at this point to get into this field?” He said “To be a teacher you should have a sound of the field you want to get in. So I recommend you to first gain an MSc and PhD degree in your field of interest and give your heart and soul to learn it.” Then I asked him the last question “What is it like to be a teacher after engineering?” He started smiling and said

“The successful engineers working in the field are there because they had an excellent teacher. I think it is better to make thousands of successful engineers then being only one of it.”

In the end I thanked him and left. Now I am convinced that being a teacher after geological engineering is not so bad either it only depends upon your devotion to the field.


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