Reaching out the friends

From this experience i learned about my hidden strengths and weaknesses by considering the others opinion about my personality.The things which surprised me are that i did not know about my strengths and did not know that either i am good for the others or not but now i know what needs to be change and polish.They asked me about my personality that i am a good lad, a sincere friend and supportive person who just forget the things when somebody feel regret on doing something and feel sorry about what he/she had done.According to their opinion i lose my temper but now i am taking over the control on it,i trust on the others blindly and share my secrets with them and then they hurt me.I respect the opinions of my fellows, friends,and cousins who who told me about myself in their opinion.In future i will try to eradicate my weakness and would do my best in order to replace them with the strengths.