Amal problem solving challenge

First of all when we started off with the project we got a lot of difficulties and problems. We realized that people were not that happy and smiling while giving out the money. So in order to tackle the situation we as a group did the brain storming and tried to find out the best solutions in order to take the money from people and also make them slime.

So in order to do this we as a group first decided to go with the candies. So whenever someone gave us money we shared candies with them. Eventually the people started to smile even if we asked a person if they like to donate and they refused but yet we offered them candies. So in order to encourage and show more gratitude towards the people who donated we got an idea of giving them certificates of thank you.

So we made the certificates of Thank you and distributed them to the people who donated the money. Eventually our problem was solved and everyone seemed to be smiling by the end.

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