#Edhi Sb Reading : Activity

The greatest Hero Sir Abdul Star Edhi .A true Image of humanity he believes on hard work .He fellows the first principal of Amal in his life he take actions instead of thinking about failures. His mother taught him to denote half of his pocket money to needy some times when he didn’t do that his mother got anger with him and then he has to do some other good things to compensate it. When Edhi Shaab starts his efforts he found many barriers like his friends make his fun by saying that you can’t do this but Abdual Star Edhi didn’t lose his hope and continue his efforts.

I want to relate this with a period of my life when i have done my intermediates . One of my friend was good in web development and own his site he promise me the he will teach me the development after the exams but after he refuse by saying every body can’t do this it’s not easy .Then I decided to learn it by my own and start learning through internet ,tutorials then with in three to four months i built my web by my own with a large number of views. Now i feel good when i teach some one about the information or stuff i have . So this experience get me know Amal Principle . From the Example of Edhi shb i learn that we should not lose our hope we should continue our efforts by believing and InshAllah we will reach at our final destination.

#Just Start : Activity

  • I just start morning walk, I tried many times in my past to start but many reasons come across and i was unable to take start. Now I have started.
  • I wanted to start this because It has many healthy benefits moreover it is one of the good habit to wake up early in the morning .
  • It is not easy to wake up early as I use to sleep late at night some time due to study and some time just for using social media or watching a movie but now I rearrange my routine and try to sleep on time.
  • The one of the biggest challenge I found is to leave bed early because I am not use to wake up at that time.
  • It is very good experience for me that if we really want something we have to come out from our comfort zone.
  • InshAllah now I’ll continue this new habit.

#Reaching out to friends

According to some of my friends who share their though about me regarding to my strength : That I’m a positive thinker ,mostly I work with patience ,I help them in taking decisions. I’m a good listener ,I get motivate by listening the inspirational stories. on the same time I’m bit shy and usually didn’t do things on time .

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