I never thought about my own strengths or capabilities. It was my first experience when I was just thinking about myself. What am I capable of? I am good at what and what things. After wondering and pondering for some time, I made a list of my strengths and it was kind of short list. What my friends, classmates, and my teachers think of my strengths and capabilities? I thought. I requested some of my friends, colleagues and teachers to tell me about my best times and my strengths.

Some of the qualities that my friends and colleagues mentioned, I knew about those and those qualities were also in my list. But knowing about some of the strengths other people mentioned, it was amazing.

You are talented, hardworking and you also have a good sense of humor.” said by a friend of mine. I didn’t know if I have a sense of humor.

You are hardworking, helpful, and you also have a kind heart. Whenever I found you, you were busy and working on any of the project or something else. Your hardworking habit is the most astonishing thing that I found in you,” replied by a colleague of college. I do have a kind heart, I thought of myself, but I didn’t ever note that if other people also note these things or habits of mine.

Tahir you have good determination, dedication skills. You are gifted with amazing skills of cooperation and purity. You also have a good handwriting.” This was the answer when I asked one of my classmates about my strengths and abilities.

I think you are hardworking, strong in communication, team person, and achievement oriented. Moreover you are honest. You are persistent too. I think of you as a person of motivation and you can also motivate and convince others as well.” A teacher of mine sent me this response when I asked him about my capabilities. He also suggested me to read about SWOT analysis.

It was quite a surprising and different kind of experience asking your friends about your strengths and your best time. “Believe you can and you are halfway there.” When you think you have strength, then your endurance towards hardships and difficulties increase. I will try that the abilities of my own which were kind of unknown to me, to polish these capabilities and strengths more and more. From this experience, I actually thought that I can be helpful and can be an asset to my society and nation.