Talk and Learn:

I was afraid of talking to seniors and asking for their help. I was just in a kind of nutshell that what they will think about me if I am incapable of something and so on. But after talking to senior of my city who was doing a job in WAPDA as an assistant engineer, I came to know that I was totally wrong.

At first, I contacted him thorough facebook and asked him if I can talk to him about his job experience. He gave me his cell phone number. I called him at a proper time when he was free. In beginning of call, I was a little bit nervous, but he was very talking and answering politely. His kind behavior made me to increase the length of call.

I started the call by greetings and then mentioned my status in short sentences. I told him about my degree and career plans. Then I asked him some questions and the discussion is like given below:

1. How is your job going?

2. What is the working environment of WAPDA and his office?

3. If I want to join WAPDA, how should I prepare myself for the test and interview?

4. Any special advice for successful interview?

5. What is the package that WAPDA offers to an assistant engineer?

Calling a senior and talking to him was a new and a good experience. My “strange” type of thinking about asking help or advice from seniors was changed. I learned a lot form this informational interview not only about how to talk to a senior friend but also about WAPDA officers working culture and environment of job there too.

He told me that in WAPDA, respecting the senior officers is very important. He suggested me that if I want to join WAPDA, I should prepare for the test more technically and work very hard. Moreover I should improve my interview skills if I want score a position as an assistant engineer. The other thing that he advised me that never be afraid of asking to rephrase a question in an interview. Just ask the interviewer politely if you didn’t hear the question fully.

From this experience, I overcame one of my weaknesses of being afraid of talking to senior persons of your field. In future I will apply the interview techniques that I just learned. Moreover I learned that never be afraid to admit that you need help. Asking for someone’s support and advice is a notion and sign of strength and courage.

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