“Experience of In Person Drop at HBL Rawalpindi”

As I was assigned to drop my resume and cover letter in person to any industry or firm’s HR professional recruiter. It seemed really difficult task to do because I was on a travelling trip from Faisalabad to Peshawar. But by the grace of Allah Almighty, on Tuesday, October 17, 2017, I met my college friend at Islamabad and told him the whole scenario about in person drop. He is now Assistant Manager at HBL Saddar branch Rawalpindi, he suggested me to drop resume and cover letter to their HR professional recruiting. And by his reference I met the branch manager also HR Professional recruiting “Sayed Sarmad Shah” and dropped my resume and cover letter in person to him. He welcomed me and encouraged me on in person drop effort and told me that in his life experience you are the only person who did this willing activity and really happy to see my courage and willingness for AFO in HBL”.

I faced some difficulties for in person drop like when I reach at HBL reception I was asked many question which are actually making me demotivated like why and for what you are here, HR professional is busy in meeting I waited more than an hour to meet with HR professional he don’t even bother to talk with me but when I introduce myself and convinced him for in person drop and after few minutes he frankly shared his experienced and guided me for what purpose I was there

The basic learning that I learnt with meeting him is a practical achievement and I came to realize from discussion that he made on in person drop in accord to Pakistani culture is not much appreciated as in US or European countries, as he Enlighted his discussion that our country is under developing country and all over the Pakistan the multinational companies working don’t ever do not bother with anyone who is willing to drop his in person resume and cover letter.

“Don’t stop when you are tired, stop when you are done”.

From his discussion two things I really realize that at first if any company other than banking sector I will made successful in person drop, but on second point according to him the HR professionals only prefer through proper channel for recruiting and don’t even bother with any one on in person drop the psychological sense of that they perceive our positive effort in negative way that a person who is dropping in person and wasting his money too for in person drop instead of applying through proper channel . They consider it in sense of “Safarish” and only say that if you have applied the channel of recruiting process then there is no any need of in person drop.

“People who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”.

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