Non Prod AWS Lambda Environments

Muhammad Umair
Aug 12 · 2 min read

Serverless computing is the next big thing. Let’s see how it benefits us in environments & deployment management.

No Significant Traffic on Non Prod environments

We normally have one production environment which is for customers & few similar non prod environments i.e staging & QA environments, that are used by QA team & developers. These environments are normally not used for more than few hours a day.

In our case there were 4 non prod environments + 4 workers + 4 RDS Instances which means paying 24/7 for the environments that are only used few hours a day.

One of the benefits of AWS Lambda or Serverless computing is you pay only for the compute time you consume — there is no charge when your code is not running. So by moving our non prod environments to AWS Lambda we can reduce our cost to 20 or 30% of our current expenses.

Demo Environments:

Often it happens that developers needs to demo the feature he is working on to management. He can’t do that on QA Environment as it’s not stable. It can’t be done on staging environment as it is being used by management to demo the product to potential customers. Imagine this on mass scale, 5 developers / teams need to demo their features & they are stuck.

Here comes the significance of AWS Lambda.We can create independent demo environments for every single feature branch that we create for your application.That’s available immediately without having to try and mock it out on our local machines or go and beg someone else to get off of the QA environment so they can deploy an update with the latest code from their branch.

Production-like Environments

I have faced such situations where a feature was working fine locally but when deployed ,it stopped working. It would be very useful if every developer have the privilege of testing code on production-like environment before forwarding it to QA.
With AWS Lambda, we can give our developers the ability to deploy & test the code on production-like environment in a way that wasn’t possible before.

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