Making Ultimate Friends and Developing Public Relations #PR

How many of us consider ourselves “caring”? What does it really mean to be a caring person? Does it mean that one should be very polite and soft spoken or does it mean that one should be an empathetic person or possess a helping nature for that matter! What are the core values and principles for being a caring person? In my opinion a caring person is someone who proves that he/she is more interested in you rather than trying to be more interesting himself/herself.

By showing your interest and affection others, you make others interested in you and develop a sort of a liking for you unintentionally.So its a win-win situation for everyone in my opinion. It helps us a lot in our life and especially in a corporate world where Public relations is the key to success.

What I have learned through my own life experience is that the universal law of “give and take policy” applies to almost every field of life. More often than not, if you are showing kindness to someone, for instance, if you are helping out a friend, you might get help or some other favor in return as well and thus the concept of sharing and caring is proved in practical life.

If one shows a certain interest and care in someone, one gets a pretty positive response. The person actually feels the care that is being showered upon him/her and value it. They do realize how compassionate a person you are; feel obliged to acknowledge the effort and the passion as well as to return the favor. I was assigned a task to correspond with my friends and acquaintances, some of whom I hadn’t talked to in a long time but to my pleasant surprise, they were glad to hear from me and warmly replied me as well. In the end, I had like to finish on a high note that we should try to keep in touch with our friends, value, treasure this blessing provided to us by Allah Almighty and maximize the fruits of this selfless relation.