“‘let’s learn to live””

I read a book “how to win friends and influence people” .I want to share you what I learnt from this book. Guys, we all want to make friends and we all want that everyone should feel good with our presence and it is not so difficult. Sharing happiness is very easy task, you have to follow some rule.1.Be interested in people. Ask about what they like to is best question to create someone’s interest in talking to you.2. DON’T try to look interesting. As you are with someone your mates doesn’t want that you only talk about yourself? They want that you should talk about them.3.Love people surrounding you. In your everyday life either you are boss or a servant how others behave to you is just a reaction of how you behave to them. If you don’t give importance to people they may try to escape your company .Even your bad and rough behaviour can make you family and friends away from you. A famous magician, Thurston, also admitted that it is only his interest in people that made him billionaire. He always admitted in front of his audience that He is at his status due to his audience. I would like to share example of Theodore Roosevelt, America’s 26 president. Although, he was president but his servants loved him because he always loved them .He know their interest, their personal lives. Guys do you know truth? Your existence in this world meant to know other and interact with others.

If I share my personal experience, I changed topics of discussion with my friends. I took interest in friends by asking about was amazing to see them happy while sharing their thoughts. I know more about my friends now. I asked my friends about different topics .it was amazing reaction that what they said showed their mentality. I learned from talking. Remember everyone is finding someone to share their lives .You be the one.