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He was a unique person who always talked about the humanity. Who from his childhood was interested in living for others help, for bringing the change in the system and who always strived to help mankind in different ways. Last week I got a book from my teacher, A Mirror To The Blind which is autobiography of Abdul Sattar Edhi. I started reading this book and I found interesting and valuable experience from his early child hood life. At his middle childhood age, he started exploring himself to know that “what I will be”. Sometime, he could not be able to sleep at night to know “why have I been sent here’’. Despite of having the dreams of building hospitals, building factories to train poor, bringing revolution and to make village for handicapped, he always reminded himself to start small. I think this is the basic principle of progress. He started distributing the food and charity to needy and let him to differentiate between needy and lazy. He has taken many small steps to start with goal of something big, I really support his methodology of taking small start because it’s important to start at small level rather than to weight for the time to start something big and extraordinary. If I talk about my small step I have created a Facebook page with few thousand followers and it helps them to find their course eBook free of cost.

My ‘’just start’’ project was start learning from the basics to develop skills in industrial automation. Almost in every industry automation becomes important tool to work efficiently and to compete in this modern world. The human labor has been replacing day by day with advancement in automation technology and the productivity has been increased exponentially since last decade. As an Electrical Engineer and having interest in industrial automation and control, I always wanted to learn this specific skill with the focus on its diverse application in every small to big level industry and the changing industrial trends toward modern automated industry. During my education, I always had a keen interest to learn techniques to develop automated systems and I had successfully developed an automated robot in my final year with the support of an organization. After doing an internship in an industry, I became more interested in industrial automation but because this was an internship I could not learn enough in industry. After internship, I started pursuing my Master’s degree and because of course load I always planned that I’ll do in next few months but could not be able to just start. To develop skills in automation I started form the basics. In this week, I have started learning from PLC (Programable Logic Control) and I wanted to know from which Brand’s PLC should I start and which is best, then I searched for this answer and I came to know that different brands’ PLCs have been using in different regions of world according to market shares. Different company’s PLC has been using in different region of world according to market share. Allen-Bradley and Siemens’ PLC is most widely used in world and in most of applications. Many Online resources are available to learn PLC online and I found the best two they are depicted below. In Pakistan, many training centers are available and I found few training centers and they have well equipped labs.

Best Online Resources and Training Centers In Pakistan for PLC Course.

Now I have completed my initial tasks and I am confident that I’ll start taking online Lectures and it will be a great experience of learning in an effective way. Searching for best online resource was like a challenge for me and then I reached to my friend for his help he told me a best online resource as he had also learned from this source. Now I am relaxed and confident, I have a good resource of learning. I analyzed that I was searching for best online resource since last few months but I had not tried in original way as “just start now”. Now I am confident that I’ll start taking lectures on daily basis and keep it continue.

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