Informational interview

Activity 3

Doing Research through Informational Interview

With this activity I learn much and get a lot of experience about career and Networking.

For this activity I called one of the Amal Alumni Arslan Aslam, he was in the 2nd batch of Amal Fellowship. He is also my good friend I met him during my internship in PTCL he was also working as CSR in PTCL. He is very hardworking and friendly and I learned much during my internship from him. I called him after greetings I told him about my studies and also about the fellowship, he was very happy that I was selected in fellowship. Then I asked him about his job he said that he is currently works in Punjab University IQTM department as a RESEARCH SCHOLAR and also Assistant superintend in Hostel# 14. I asked about him about the experience in PTCL he said that there is a good environment in the organization he got lot of experience during the job period and Then in last I asked what can he help in my future after my graduation, he said that he will help my for searching job and he also promised that he will refer me for a job in PTCL or other companies.

By this activity I learned much first i learned about informational interview then the significant the Networking. Networking is very important in career. I also learned the experience he got in the organization. Others should also learned about this experience

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