Lessons from outdoor session with #amalfamily


The outdoor session was really a great experience for me. As for before I had never enjoyed this much throughout my study career and trips. Before this I didn’t used to go to trips I always stayed home instead. The thing I enjoyed most about the day was the speakers that our PA was wearing around his neck. The music created harmony and wall walking together was the best feeling ever.

It was a really great experience being a tour guide especially for the group which was with me. As I had visited before the same place so I knew the places and I was guiding them. It was a really good experience to be there as a guide and when people ask you things and you guide them.

The main lesson that I have learned is that in order to be happy you just have to appreciate the beauty of friendship and gatherings.

Lastly as for the next day of our tour I had my final exam and yet I came in for the tour and had to leave after a while as I had to go revise my course. I had learned that both happiness and work should be taken in count for the future success. As when I came back I was so happy that I was not tensed at all for the exam and I went in next day for the exam and secured a 4 GPA in the subject without taking any stress. In future I will always try keeping this balance by appreciating the beauty of friendship and keeping a well balance between workaholic life and a fun time for myself.