Sharing the tips with a working professional

China–Pakistan Economic Corridor

I asked one of my sibling’s friend who is working in the CPEC as an electrical engineer at their DHA Lahore head office. I met him in person and talked about the tips and he got really happy to know that I knew all those basic tips in mind as he said most of the people who come here get exhausted within few months and leave. He said It is good that you know how to proceed forward in your career it will eventually help you save a lot of time and effort.

I asked him that what do you suggest that everyone starts the grunt work until the trust is build he said yes its true as he mention when he joined he had to go through the same sort of work. He also agreed to the fact that never say anything bad not even a word about your boss as people exaggerate and spread it across. He also said that even if someone is talking bad about your boss don’t agree to his point and try to avoid such conversations.

He said it is good to maintain a healthy relationship with your boss. He said he often takes his chines boss to dinner and they have a really good networking. He said it is good if you join a professional network as it will help you make good relations and to make good networking which will help you a lot in future.

He also said that yes its true and very important to embraced the change. As when we do that we step towards productivity and progress.

He said that is purpose of life is to help others and make is family specially his young son well settled and well-groomed person. He said in order to get more experience in his field he will be shifting to a site of the power plant for that he has go move away from his family for few months and it is the pain he said he has to sustain in order to reach his long run goals.

Lastly he said that the passion I have in life is to make my family prod and make them well settled. He said he also wants to make some educational institutes in order to provide the quality education to the students with lower costs in the long run and he is working on it.