Story Of My Mentor


Two years back I wrote my autobiography and I titled it “A Born Leader”. The reason for that was that because my mentor was the one who nurtured me in a way that it made me a leader since my childhood. My mentor is my one and only Father. My father is my life’s only mentor I had along with my mother. No matter where I go no matter where I had been my father was the one always guiding me through my life’s toughest of times.

I was born and bred in Saudi Arabia and later after my collage I came to Pakistan of the first time to live here for years and to complete my education in business studies. It was the moment I was very afraid and I felt really sad because I got away from my parents. When I started my education here in Pakistan my father build me a home and gave me a car. By the end he put his credit card in my hand and said I still remember that day he said “Son I trust you”. That was the moment I felt that I won’t ever break the trust of my father and my mother. Afterwards I went through a lot of ups and downs in life I got admitted to the hospital and also I had a lot of car accidents. Whenever I talked about them to my friends they used to say if we had such accidents our fathers would have been really angry. But whenever I called my father and said dad I screwed up in such way he always used to tell me son don’t worry ups and downs are the part of life never give up just face life with courage and keep remembering Allah.

That was the motivation that always kept me going and I still remember when I got my first scholarship and award my parents got really happy and proud and since then it made me realize that how much important to me is the smile on my parents faces just due to me. That feeling I just cannot define in words. The positive motivation always kept me going. So I always say that the person I am today or the achievements I have today are all just due to my presents and my mentor my father.

I believe that having humility is one of the major reasons for accepting the feedback in life. I think that whatever I heard from my father and my mother I always kept rethinking about it and tried my best to absorb the teachings and then implement it in life. I think if I did not had humility then I would never had been able to accept what my parents had told me. Because I have seen a lot of people who think that they are right and what the parents are saying is against their betterment. So In order to get rid of this element of thinking that I a myself sufficient and I have a lot of experiences in life is totally wrong and In order to learn better specially from your life’s mentor is necessary to be humble and to accept what your parents are saying as we at young age have less experience and low level of thinking.

I have witnessed this myself in my life that when I did not had humility in me I thought I am doing good for myself and I know what I am doing and I used to refuse what my parents used to tell me especially when I was in my FSC. But later when I came to Pakistan and realized that my parents are right and I must take up their advice in life so I stared to develop humility and humbleness in my life and eventually my life’s paradigm shifted towards betterment and positivity.