Just Start Project-Khudi and self Learning

From the start I was very keen to be good english speaker when I was studying in class 8th I started learing sentences speacialy from a tutor and bought a dictionory to built up the vacoblary However to some extent I improved my vacoblary but could not aproach to that level where I wants to see myself.During matreculation same effort was carried and most of the effort made through the vacoblary competition with my father and my cousions and my effort carried out even in the Fsc I most studied English than science subjects and every morning my roomates used to find me with Mr Chips book .Nodought it was very interesting written in a great style and was attracting and neverbored ever.It was passion to read the same senttences from the book and speak but I could not speak it fluently.

I also watched the Mr chips vedio complete and from where ever I found speaking english vedio and lecture I carried it up and my effort is continued . I have enough vacoblary but whenever I comes on stage my stamina loses and I can not speak english fluently to extant I wants to speak . In the univeristy I ever tried my best to learn and speak in the second smester Again I got a chance to flurish it in the communication subject .there was forced to speak english and on the stage so this was a golden chance and learned through very much ,but I was yet thiristy and in the next fourth smester again in the communication 2 again I took the chance to sail in this river and this was the best experience that I ever enjoyed ,basically Communication was taught by that man who himself was not assigened teacher infact by the whole class unity we requested this teacher to teach us communication ,he was not our concerned teacher but he taught us communication skill in that way I wants to learn ,give many presentations and to some Extent I got confidence in that passion and able to speak to extent english in front of people but not more.

In english speakin my hero is Mr Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto I wants to be speaker like that ,I kike him very much in this regard in what a great way he talks I realy inspired by him.

Mr Say him my leadr in the speaking region,he knew the fun of talk ,infact I realy inspired by this man to learn english and speak like that man.He had the spirt of a true leader and speaker, here I am not involving his political career but taking him as a English speaker,here question arises that why I have too much craze to learn english there are major three Reasons

1 I have the passion to visit many places as Europe so I wants to communicate in a better way with the people in a better way

2 English is the international language

3 All the technology and books and literature are in english language

It does’t mean that only these are the major reasons there are many other reasons ,all the efforts that I have made to learn english are based on the khudi and self learning and still I carried on this effort and in one day In Sha Allah I will be good speaker and I have confidence on my effort and it not be useless .At the end I will request everyone to something they want or in that field they are interested to do something on the belief of Khudi and self learning,they feel pleasure and will be different from the others in that task all the knowledge is not learnt from books If a man has the passion and craze he can learn many things on the basis of Khudi and self learning.

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