Water or killer

Drinking water contamination Analysis in Faisalabad

Water has a vital role in our life processes including growth and development As you know that our body contains 55 to 65 % of water.Water is the basic requirement and need of the body for survival.But what if this 65% content of the body gets contaminated and spoiled??

Obviously this will be harmful and dangerous to our bodies. But unfortunately it happens. The water which we drink is not pure and clean.Water has a vital role in our life processes including growth and development. It plays significant role in our every field of life.

After reading the reports on water contamination in Faisalabad we decided to met a child specialist Dr.Zia ul Din Farooqi who is serving as Child specialist in Allied hospital Faisalabad. He told us that mostly children become ill because of drinking contaminated water. We considered it seriously and after having discussions and meetings,we the circle members including me,Iqra, Ikram, Afsah and Umar Farooq decided to take some samples of water from different areas of Faisalabad.

I am writing this blog post on behalf of mine (khalid) and my team members (Iqra, Afsah, Umer, and Ikram from Amal batch #37).

With increase in industry near the cities and with poor sanitation process in rural area, fresh water for drinking and for other uses become the dream.Polluted or contaminated water ,this form of environmental degradation occurs when pollutants are directly or indirectly discharged into water bodies without adequate treatment to remove harmful compounds.

Water pollution occurs when microorganisms and toxic chemicals from domestic waste and industries either come in contact with water bodies or run off or leach into ground water or freshwater resources.Contaminated water contain a harmful organic and inorganic substance few one are listed below:

In our Mega Project , we decided to arise this problem in the slum of Faisalabad. For this ,Initially we selected the two areas Naseerabad and Bola ki jhughi know known as Hajveri town) The reason behind the selection of this area is because of the diseases due to water. Another reason is that here,near the water tank or water plant,garbage of whole Faisalabad is thrown. This garbage and waste causes water to get spoiled and contaminated.


First we take a tour to take the over view of the area.

Purpose of assessment:

This section of study is conducted to assess the perception and practices of common people about the quality of drinking water and to what extent its affect the health and hygiene of communities. How these disease affect the livelihood and income of poor families.

After visiting different homes And collected water samples by using random sampling techniques and marked the samples with their address and phone numbers. then for the sake of test we take the help of one of our Amal fellow Zeeshan from soil science department for testing samples and for compiling whole report and even decided to test sample from NIBGE . The tests of drinking water include TDS,pH,Calcium,Nitrates,Arsenic,Magnesium,hardness tests. And also got information about the areas and the water.

Now,we have dropped our collected samples in the laboratory and waiting for the results. After getting the results,we will aware the masses and we will tell them some methods and techniques of purification of water.

For information and for further progress we have also created a page on facebook.


Wish us all the best for achieving our target!

And next we are thinking of arranging seminar on the consequences of polluted water on human health.

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