TQM concepts in my daily routine

1)Lean :

Before studying TQM I didn’t know what is meaning of lean infect lean word was totally new for me when I heard it first time in my class and I didn’t know how I apply lean in my real life but while I spend a good deal of time learning and writing about how companies use lean , six sigma practices for improving their process I also enjoy bringing lean into my everyday life before studying lean I didn’t save my money and daily I use 500 rupees (total 15000 on a moth) on my unimportant activities but after studying lean I save my money and I use only 200 (6000) on a month so reduce my expense and save 9000 on a month.

2) 5S

Sorting : I had a lots of clothes in my wardrobe that I’m not longer wear and I didn’t use these clothes but after studying 5s I put my all useless and old clothes on my wardrobe that I no longer wear and now for me make it easier to choose from the clothes that I wear.

Self Arrangement :

I had a lots ok keys but I didn’t arrange it and I always forget to where is my keys ? it’s troubled situation for me but now I always keep my keys in a standard place preferable and near the front door so now it’s easy to find my keys.

NEAT AND Clean :

Before my car always had a dust and my car’ seat cover not clean because I didn’t wash daily but now I wash my car every week and also wash the seat cover

Standardize :

Before I hadn’t set a day of week to wash my car but now I have a set day of the week to wash my car.

Self Discipline :

Now in the hardest and also most beneficial part of the 5s process it’s time to ensure the changes I have made will be permanent and it is an on going project now I wash my car every week.


Poka yoke means mistake and avoid ,it can be a simple as encouraging and forcing my self to do things in a sequence Before studying poka joke I did lots of mistake in my life I had a bad habit to always switch on my buttons like whenI charge my mob i didn’t switch off my button and also Micro wave oven button always switch on so because of my this mistake my sister face a current and he admitted in hospital for 2 days after this incident I avoid to do mistake I always try to do things right .now I always switch off my button after after putting my phone from charge.

4)PDCA Model :

Plan :

PDCA model is change my whole life because I’m very unorganized person and I didn’t plan anything in my life but after studying PDCA now I plan my life and make a planning time table that what i want from my life before it I didn’t know what I do but now I plan lots of things i plan to join the uber service and give tuitions

Do :

After planning I execute my planning and and i drive a uber service car and also give tuition to the different students and make profit.


Then I check my activities on every month and evaluate monthly progress that how much I achieve my target and how much I get success in my planning.


Now it’s time to act on my result if I am not where I want to be then it’s time to create a new plan like if someday I didn’t take tuition classes so what new changes i make and what can I add to my plan to help me to get the goals so I raise my driving services to 1 hour extra .

5)Checklist :

when I started my job on uber i couldn’t manage my time. i lost my sense of duty because of mismanagement in life. there are always other stuff rotating in my head other than studies i couldn’t do my assignments on time i couldn’t focus in class as well as in life. every single person related to me started getting this thing and started calling me rude though i was never rude i thought but i wasn’t myself as well. i was lost somewhere. i was thinking something and doing something else which worried me as well as people around me. they roasted me tight one day, then i made a standard checklist which i could follow easily and manage my time for the job for the university now Alhumdulillah every one is happy again and i am all set to rock

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