Every Sunday Turning into New Learning

One thing I was very clear about throughout my academics was that if one is really willing to keep growing, he must always keep on looking for opportunities to learn new things. This approach took me to AMAL Academy. I was not much interesting in my studies because that was a routine stuff for me and there was not much exciting things for me to learn daily. I was continuously looking for an opportunity to learn lifelong lessons. So I decided to go extra mile and applied for AMAL Academy and got selected here. I was ambitious from very first day. The first session was about introduction to fellows and AMAL principles. The way of introduction was so amazing for me, telling stories behind names and listening everyone’s story was the life best thing I have learned at that day, though I have a lot of things till end of the 3 month months long journey at AMAL Academy. So as we were moving on our journey I was learning new and most valuable things every saturday and sunday. I was facing many problems throughout the journey but on every crucial time I never allow the things to distract my journey, I gave up every activity and my only activity during the week was my studies and AMAL Academy. The best things I have learned throughout my journey was basic four principles for a successful career and life, Amal (action), Khudi (Self Belief), Sabar-e-Jamil (Patience) and Ek aur Ek Gyarah hy (Teamwork). My all journey of AMAL Academy was the practice of these principles and journey of professional life or my life I will spend with these principles. The other valuable lessons were based on these four principles, I have learned humility, positivity, taking initiative, honesty, confidence, storytelling, conflict management, team working, leadership, interviewing skills, concept of family, networking, digging and exploring, struggle, empathy and a lot more.

The Awesome AMAL Family Batch 7

Quest for learning and growing approach take me at AMAL Academy. So, this really matters a lot that always keep on learning new things to keep on growing. You will always find opportunities around you that will teach you life long lesson. AMAL Academy endorsed my approach and I am more excited to learn new things, exploring new opportunities, more productivity. Concluding my words I will say always accept opportunities to learn new things with open heart and mind if you want to grow in your career and in your life.