The Power of Happiness And Gratitude

Lesson of Happiness

I have experienced many stressed times in my life, I want to share that when I wanted to get admission in university it was looking like a beautiful dream which will always be a dream. I wanted to get admission but I don’t have so many resources at my hand. But I didn’t stop seeing big dreams, I was unfamiliar with the lesson of happiness but actually I was apply more or less the different ways of happiness. First thing was that I was happy with my current success i.e getting good grades, learning more skills and being the class representative rather than being happy if I could only be happy with getting admission in university. So this positivity and happiness never let me stop dreaming. Second, I was grateful for what I have like whenever I was appreciated I felt thankful to God. Third I was engaged in many deeds of kindness like helping needy ones, help my fellows by inviting them for group study. So I was always happy and optimistic and eventually my dream came true. I got position in board, honored the PEEF scholarship without applying or evening ever knowing about it. So success eventually happened to me because of being happy.

Gratitude Journal

The whole week I emphasized on being grateful after learning from the last session. I learned from the the Holy Quran that be thankful to God for what you have blessed with (even the things we take for granted) and we will be blessed more. So thankfulness brings more reward from God. This thing really has its magic. So, I practiced being more grateful what I have in my life and have in my daily routine. I am grateful for having loving Mom and Dad, living in beautiful city Lahore, studying in a dream university of thousands who apply here, having everything I have, having good health, good looks, good friends, being Muslim and being an Amal fellow. One thing I specially want to elaborate specifically for being grateful which I always felt worst experience of my life and that is hostel life. I always hated my hostel life and I wished that I have had not lived in a hostel, but the gratitude I developed shifted my point of view and I looked at my hostel life quite positively. Now I am grateful for hostel life in these words “I live in a palace which have hundreds of room and hundreds of grooms living in it. I has its own beautiful mosque, a vast mess hall where all eat together, four lawns with so many beautiful flower in it, a vast tarris, a well furnished study room where I can do focus on my study, a big Tv room where I enjoy shouting and celebrating cricket match with hundreds of mad cricket fans, having students from every area and culture of so many departments, having canteen where I can eat of my own choice, having so many servants for my service i.e security guards, clerks, cock and warden also who is always available to facilitate me and I have many many more things to write but I am unable to express.” I love being at home but I can’t have any of these at my home. I might have skipped so many things for being grateful to write down here but I am sure that I have make it sure that I have more gratitude in me now than ever. Thank you Amal, I really love my hostel life now by looking at it by this way. I have start missing my hostel life by thinking that I have not left with so much time to live here.