First Coding Bootcamp in Yola and Northeast Nigeria

Muhammad Bello
5 min readDec 26, 2018


9 days Web Development bootcamp (HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and JavaScript).

Web Development Bootcamp is organized by Ajisaq Limited ( and Intija Software Solutions ( Ajisaq is set to tap into emerging technologies, synergies and collaborate with appropriate organization to compete effectively and operates according to the international best practices. The participants are taught by individuals from the two companies. While, Intija is a Software solution company that thrives to provide software solutions to the local community, institutions and companies in Nigeria and beyond.

The program is aimed at training participants on the basics of web development. Teaching them from scratch the 3 basic web development tools; HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The concept of which has led them to the development of 3 static web pages as final project. These projects can be accessed at a website the students created

At the end of this program we are proud to say the participants:

· Have understood the concept of HTML and CSS.

· Design and developed simple static web pages (portfolio and two other pages).

· Know the basics of JavaScript.

· Registered a domain name of their choice and hosted it using free webhosting servers.

Purpose and goal of the event

Ajisaq Limited and Intija Software Solutions are startup Companies here in Yola thriving to change the philosophy of the northeast by creating opportunities to both individuals, companies and educational institutions. Developing people with great mindset for creating solutions to our local problems using technology. We dream to make Yola the new Silicon Valley.

As one of the presenters Sini Yakubu Wule an entrepreneur said at the graduation ceremony “Technology is the new Gold”. We in the northeast need technology more than everybody else in Nigeria because we have suffered a lot from Boko Haram and the likes. The greatest thing about technology is everyone can do it but first we need to believe in the change we want to see and work for it.

The main goal these two companies has in mind for this bootcamp is solely to impact the community, have more developers and perhaps the new Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg of Africa. We dream to create solutions to our local communities and beyond. Due to this the registration fee of the bootcamp is made very cheap for even the poor to participate. And few scholarships are given.

Seeing that the graduated participants have learned from not knowing what is a website, to the level of creating their own personal websites. This a pride to these two companies as the main goal of the program is achieved. With the current knowledge they have today, they can create simple static websites for friends and family and even go for commercial service. We are very proud to have our first set of students out here. With the training they have from this program, if they work hard enough and learn more they are going to create software solutions for our local problems here in the northeast.


Initially the committee of this bootcamp plan to train 20–25 students at the rate of N7,500 but a total number of 40 participants have registered online, and only 16 were able to make their payment before the starting date. This is due to financial incapacity of most of them. However, seeing the challenges some of them have faced not being able to pay the training fee, Ajisaq have sent proposal to some government agencies but have not secured any funding. We hope in the future this type of programs can be sponsored by either NGO’s or Government Agencies in other help revive and develop the great minds we have here in the northeast Nigeria.


The training held at AJISAQ LIMITED YOLA. №1 Bole Street, Shagari phase 1, Yola South, Adamawa State, Nigeria.

Student Testimonies

I will start by saying It’s a shame that a lot of graduates of InfoTech and computer Science in Nigeria cannot defend their certificates. Also, I’ll like to extend my profound gratitude to the outstanding instructors and bootcamp organizers for their effort and how they really tried their best to help us learn. THANK YOU. HALILU HAMZA (Bootcamp Student)

Hello everyone, this is really one of the most… if I say memorable is like an understatement…

Let me just say one of the best moments in our lives because what we have learned here is a knowledge that we will go with it for the rest of our lifetime. I remember coming here not knowing anything, totally nothing about web design. I am a biology student with no background in IT. I just have the passion of creating amazing things like this and that’s the best thing I am proud off in my life.

When I started coming to this bootcamp my ICT teacher was like “How can you learn web development in a week” and after a week I told him I’m graduating and he was very surprised when I sent him the link to the webpage I personally created. It’s so amazing that people don’t believe it’s impossible, but we are here, we have seen it and we have done it.

Our instructors have been very patient with us, I remember we have given them names like the one with the “short slides” etc. We have had a good time with them all, it was so wonderful seriously we can’t thank you guys enough we appreciate your efforts. HAMEEDAT MUHAMMAD (Bootcamp Student)

I’m very happy to see we have achieved what we have gathered here for and to have people who are encouraging us just to make sure they have impacted knowledge into our heads. I am saying a very big thank you to you all, I was surprised when Ashraf texted me and told me that the registration of this bootcamp is seven thousand five hundred naira only which is not even up to fifty thousand naira so we are very happy and we are still going to come back here for more. With great work you guys are doing, AJISAQ & INTIJA are not just created to stay here in Yola we will be waiting to see it all over Nigeria and beyond. THANK YOU. SADIQ BASHIR (Bootcamp Student)

About the Team (Organizers and Instructors)

Dr. Abel Ajibesin

Professor (AUN, Yola), Co-Founder Ajisaq Limited.

Ahmed Tijjani Ishaq

B. Engr. Electrical Engineering (MAUTech, Yola), MD Ajisaq Limited, Co-Founder Ajisaq Limited.

Muhammad Ashraf Bello

Software Engineer, BSc. Software Engineering (AUN, Yola), Developer at Ajisaq Limited.

Mohammed Aliyu

BSc. Computer Science (AUN, Yola), Developer at Ajisaq Limited, Machine Learning Engineer, and Data Scientist.

Hayatu Bayero

BSc. Information Technology (AIT Ghana), CEO Intija Software Solutions

Faruk Liman

Dip. Computer Science and Developer at Ajisaq Limited.

Abdullahi Mohammed

B. Tech. Computer Science (MAUTech Yola), Developer at Ajisaq Limited, Founder Xcel Global Technology Ltd.

Imam Tukur Hamid

B. Engr. Electrical Engineering (ABU Zaria), Freelance Web Designer/Developer

Assabir Musa Dibal

Freelance Web Developer, Undergrad MAUTech Yola.

Rukaiyatu Aliyu Iyawa

Freelance Web Developer, Undergrad (MAUTech Yola).



Muhammad Bello

Software Engineer, Project Manager, System Analyst, Technical Writer