Reasons why you shouldn’t wait til New year to eat healthy and exercise?

  • It’s much easier to start now as the gyms aren’t as busy. In most gyms across America, only the dedicated ones are regularly visiting them this month while next month, you will see a flood of new people. Therefore, if you join now, you will get to hang out with the dedicated ones rather than the ones who won’t last more than one month of consistency.
  • Less busier gyms lead to less gym-timidation. So, before they get busy, you will be well adjusted and comfortable with the gym environment which will help you to stay committed to your goals.
  • Eating healthy can be hard and it takes time to get it 100% right at first, so if you start in January, it might take you til February to get to a point where it’s starting to become a habit. However, if you start now, you will be all set and ready to go by January.
  • You still have 3 weeks til Christmas or holidays, and if you start now and lift some weights and do some cardio in the gym, you will look way more sexier under your Holliday clothing!
  • Last reason is that dreams and wishes don’t do anything. As many of you have realized by now that the list you wrote down on January 1st,2016, none of those things happened if you didn’t actually work on them. Planning is key and executing the plan is what gets you the results so get on it NOW and don’t wait til January 1st because it will be over before you know it.