Sharing the 6 tips with a working professional

I phoned my senior who is working in GSP and told him that I am Amal fellow. Amal academy is 3 months fellow ship which working on your communication skills, leader ships qualities and team work skills. I have learnt lot of things there. I want to share some things which I learned there.

1: Put your time in: Everyone starts out doing grunt work till trust is proven

2: Don’t talk badly about the company or about your boss

3: Take control of your relationship with your boss and team members

4: Find a mentor and manage the relationship strategically

5: Join a professional body and build your network

6: Embrace change and reflect on what you are learning daily

Me:Nasir bhai as I have told these things to you. Try to act upon it these are very helpful suggestions. Have you experienced any of above.

Nasir Bhai: Yes Ammar there was our collegaue who is always backbiting of their boss and other collegaues every one think that he is dangerous person. He spread statements of others every one start hating with him one day when boss came to know that he is backbiting me he fired off this person.

Me: Ok Thanks Nasir Bhai for sharing your experience.

Nasir Bhai: ALLAH HAFIZ Ammar.