Eliminate the distractions during your study time.

My personally experience was not difficult from others but it was little bit different. The main devices who create distraction like mobile, lab top, surfing internet uses without especially work and Facebook. No doubt this is very necessary devices. However, now I feel without these devices you can don’t complete productive work. I reply to everyone without any delay on mobile message. If I fail to do so I feel guilty in myself. Leaving Facebook, email and other distracting devices was quite easy for me. Within 24 hours only 1 and half hours spend on mobile calls, check mail and use net on Facebook to see the necessary post. After that, I was feeling relax and without any stress my paper work done really good at that time. My concentration was just on my work. I think, I use this technique at daily basis when will be more effective for me. I achieved for more than my target during this time and learning level was also awesome. I felt internal and mentally satisfaction while doing study in this way. In our modern life we are surrounded by machines and devices that show negative impact on our work and also after using them your stress level at peak and extra use that wasted of our time. I will suggest my other fellows and friends to do this because this is a very good and productive effort to achieve your goals. As concern with future improvement I will totally cut off my communicating mean switch off rather putting on mute or silent, because mute or silent can also distract your attention. When we use this technique, we need to forget about mobile and internet and think we are in 400 years past.

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