“Forest at Home”

What’s the Problem?

NASA research that indoor pollution is 12 times more dangerous then outdoor pollution. Outdoor pollution includes transport, vehicles. Thermal power, but indoor include all those in addition the chemical includes in your clothes and furniture’s also affected. A person most of his time spend in indoor for example in home, office etc. That is 90% or more to spend in indoor environment. AC also dry the indoor air because it does not purify only change into the temperature of room.

How to Solve this problem?

We discuss the problem that we faced in indoor environment. Plantation is a solution to solve this problem, because plants used to purify thee air pollution. But there are some plants that we can use to purify the indoor pollution. NASA research help us to identify these plants in which also can purify the indoor pollution and create a good atmosphere.

Photo by Jordan Whitt on Unsplash

Name of the plants

1. Garden Mum

2. Spider Plant

3. Dracaena

4. Ficus/Weeping Fig

5. Peace Lily

6. Boston Fern

7. Snake Plant/Mother-in-Law’s Tongue

8. Bamboo Palm

9. Aloe Vera

Customer Segmentation

In which we target the middle class and upper-class family because they are health conscious, they care about their families also avoid living in such kind of environment. Most of these families living in town and societies.

Marketing Strategies

Create a website where you give the information about your startup, your objective, vision also very clear. Give information about plants and last leave your mail address and contact number.

You can also purchase a shelf on general store for marketing purpose.

When you get an order, arrange a meeting and bring a free sample of plant along with, for your customer retention.

Use billboard, Google ads and most important Facebook ads.


Gardeners and online websites (providing indoor plantation service) are main competitors. You have a competitive advantage on your competitors, because they do not have knowledge, also you select plants which are recommended by NASA.

You also use a tag line for competitive edge “100 air purify call as by NASA”

Price and Services

For entering into market satisfy your customers from giving them discount also give free plantation services.

Comprehensive making policy in which a worker goes to their home for free checking and maintenance of plants.