Do This and You’ll Be Welcome Anywhere

This contains excellent principles for human relations. The principles are universal and cover practically every important aspect of relationships. The problem, of course, is in putting the principles into practice. Knowing the principles is one thing, but applying them is another thing.

The first way to make people like you is to take interest in them. You can remember the birthdays of the people to make them feel that you care for them. Always meet them with smiley face as it imparts good impression which is the best way to make them happy in your company.

Listen their thoughts carefully and do not interrupt the conversation. Admire them where it is appropriate and you will find that without being talkative you have good impact in other’s mind. After listening them you should start with their viewpoint and all positive will happen.

Everyone wants approval, recognition, and a feeling of importance and it doesn’t take much for you to deliver all of those things. So always try to evaluate some points to admire them whenever you meet with them.

I came to know that I have deficiencies not others. The next step is to follow the Benjamin Franklin’s advice:

“I will speak ill of no man… and speak all the good I know of everybody.”

That’s all!

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