Help the Humanity

“Help each other to bring humanity back to world”-Steve Maraboli. Help the humanity was only thing which Edhi Sb always remembered throughout his life. He loved humanity and helped them. God has created us with a mission. We are not supposed to come into being, live our life and die. We are supposed to serve humanity. We are supposed to make this world a better place for our fellow beings. Someone quoted a really great thing that “God has not provided us money to just enjoy life, but to help His best creation (human).” Allah’s last prophet(PBUH) focused on helping humanity and ordered his followers to help needy ones.

Keeping aside the religious importance we can also say that this thing is required to make a better society. There are many social issues we can work on to change the society but education is one thing that we really need to look for. Keeping all of these we have planned to play our part for society. The idea is not new. Actually, we are doing this work for over a year. About one year ago a friend came to us and asked for donation to give to a society named “4th Axis”.

What they do is collect donations and help the people to buy food and provide education. We have decided to collect donations for this society. Our plan is to hold a cricket match and sell tickets for the match. It will be friendly match to collect some money to provide to 4th Axis society. Two of us will manage the match and two of us will be looking for the tickets and collections. We know that only in this way we are not going to get required money. So, we have also planned for campus visit in which we will present working of society in different departments and urge people to give donations. Instead of it we have a plan to start awareness in our neighborhood such that we can make big money for betterment of the society. At the end, we know that money will not matter but the awareness for our society will matter. We know that small amount does not matter but when number of person donating will increase this small amount will make a difference. Mahatma Gandhi said that “Anything you do to serve humanity will seem insignificant but it’s very important you do it”.