Bored As Fuck

I’ve been surrounding myself with people who appreciate life better, the ones who live between dinners and talk about how humans are just a collection of tiny species who spend most of their time building something they can’t keep forever. I’ve reached the level where nothing really impresses me but a simple act of kindness anywhere I am stuck in the street or the moment I spent reading some stupid hilarious posts on my timeline. Everything just bores me. These conflicted feelings about wanting to be understood and heard may have crossed a lot of invisible lines. We speak about values with people who barely reflect 0.1% of them and trying to iron out these millions of ambitions within one person who always thinks they could carry the world with their endless privileges. Yes, we often think we’ve reached another level in life and it grants us an excuse to mistreat people. If you belong to this group of people, delete me. F it. There are days I wish I’d been sent somewhere foreign as a missionary or be a complete stranger to pause and resume my life. I am missing simplicity of being human that we are just hungry creatures looking for an answer to question after question without forgetting how great the air we breathe right now. I miss being silly and stupid all at once.