1. Activity: Edhi sb Reading (3 points)

Edhi saab born in 28 feb 1928 in Bantva Gujrat India . After some year the Edhi family move toward Krachi. Edhi saab was not have intrest in studies and they mostly like to play gulli danda etc . Edhi saab mother was very nobal gental and sensitive woman . Each morning when Edhi sab go to school she gave him two Aanas daily one for him and other for some one needy or poor . Edhi saab was very heart kind man and her mother teach him to live very simple and kind life and help the other people.

He spent his life for other people because he knows very well about that quot.

Allah help those who help the others”

Edhi saab doing help the other from their early child hod they rescue some one help any body and give the food to the poor persons and provide the 1st aid many people . One day they decided to make a hospital dispensary for the poor or needy person but short of money. No investment so they sell match box on the roads paan work on cloth shop and make fund for free Dispensary . According to Edhi saab no work is shameless and no business is shameful . Edhi saab worked hard to achieve their goals with continuous determination and passion they face challenges and and not afraid to Failure and Allah help them . They just start their work Allah open the path of success and they achieved their goals.