#Juststart project

My project is to re polish my Grand paa study table and make it new and stylish which looks like a new table that s my project in just start project . I re polish my grand paa table because now its color was so dull and looks to much old and its condition was not satisfactory that s why i was planed it to re polish it and make it new and stylish and i know my that act looks to much good to every one in my family especially to my Dadi jaan . It is not easy to remake it and make it to again looks like a new one but i was try my best and i do it many problems was faced by me but i can not lose my hope and doing continuous process it was only due to i go motivation from Edhi saab life who also do continuously and make their dreams come true . when i start it not to know that how i repair the broken parts then i take advise from my elder brother who tell me that it fixed with nails and glue . then I dont know how to apply Pateen all over it and how ragmar use but i do my effort and i made it with alot of hard work and determination . Then applying polish was also a very tough work but Allhumdullilah i was doing very well .

The main challenges was to dry apply polish with accurate manners and apply equally to the all parts of the table and make a design . this was a great experience for me and i learnt to much things first of all i learn do your work with full patience and just start your work dont waste your time to think how i do when i do how this is make it you should do it Allah open the paths and help yours . just start your works which are you held on pending so many days you just start automatically ways are open you see every thing clearly . if you waste your time in thinking extra things how i do i do nothing then surely u can do nothing .

My next step is to put this beautiful table in my dadi jaan room .