A simple invention to keep my grandfather Safe

Kenneth Shinozuka


I was touched by this simple video. I found the idea to be interesting, as I have been working on health care project- my Innovative Care Unit. I have business plan, that works on palliative care for end of life patients. Virtual Monitoring and Remote sensing, is a part of technology integration of my healthcare management system

When Mr.Shinozuka, was 4 year old, in Japan walking along a park when he lost his grandfather and that moment made a lasting effect in his life. His grandfather being old age had now Alzheimer’s disease. For a decade and more his family took care of his grand father and as years past by conditions got worse.

Finally, Mr. Shinozuka, got a plan, to remote sense when his grandfather would leave the bed and step on the floor. He designed a circuit based on a sock sensor and other detachable sensor. It should be noticed that a patient of old age and a sensor attaching to the skin was a difficult medical challenge.

Next step he also learnt coding to integrate the sensor to the smart phone. He tested his equipment for a year on his grandfather and his mission was a success.

This simple story of care, the thought of innovation and self taught, are a unique combination that lead to innovation and a new healthcare technology.

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