Are we living for Pakistan? Noorena Shams

This talk was really motivating and yesterday was 14th August, so this was patriotic taste too. Noorena Shams is a 19 year old Triathelete who has won 30+ medals and has won silver cyclist Olympic medal. She has won a trophy in Squash and has been part of under 19 women`s cricket team. She is also a cartoonist, photographer and a debater and she wants to love Pakistan and live for Pakistan.

She starts with her struggle when she was young girl. She won cyclist silver medal but after demise for her father she moved to Peshawar, here she faced trauma and torture by the society as being an orphan girl. Her elder sister was physically challenged and community used to criticize her mother for giving education to the elder girl. But this sister actually taught 4 students who have finished matric. Plus, Noorena means “no more girls” So being a girl in Pakistan has been challenging.

Anyhow, despite obstacles and challenges she joined a cricket team and after 2 hours couldn’t convince the coach to get her in, she ultimately got the coach out on duck. Then she was allowed to play in that local boys team. But after a year, a girl had to grown up. But her team boys supported her and ultimately led her to under team cricket team.

Well, anyhow, she had to work hard as a free lancer and earn her finance to keep her financially independent. She also appreciated support be Ali Zafar and then she also got to her Squash trophy. She even said that she used to sleep next to the court, as she could not afford hotel.

The story of Noorena Shams, is of a brave woman, who showed despite the odds, Pakistanis are not divided but united and as one and only as Pakistani can make Pakistan stand up. Struggle hardwork and persistence, in a girl in Pakistan ask the question, what can we do for Pakistan? What do we do for Pakistan?