Building Drones in Pakistan

Raja Sabri Khan

Every new technology or innovation comes from the west. Be it Television, iphone or Pokemon Go. Oh yes, the West has the best Aircraft Carriers in the world. How can we ignore the fact that they are constantly bombarding Pakistan with their cool drones. Until 2011, we did not have drones. Guess again, Raja Sabri Khan, a Pakistani, was working on drones decade ago.

Mr. Khan, CEO of Integrated Dynamics, had the idea and dream about aircrafts and gliders from the very childhood. But back then, when he entered university Pakistan lacked aerospace engineering. After completing Mechanical Engineering, he then went onto MIT and became an Aerospace Engineer. Then on, he went on accumulating finance for investment for his dream.

When time came, with proper funding, that he earned from being a free lancer to fashion photographer, microwave over for radio waves, photocopiers for stepper motors for antennas, cds as slip rings and car alternators for battery. This lead to the first small drone, but the priorities changed and funding rose up and drones grew bigger and then came the factory.

But these drones were always more focused upon \civilian uses. Explorations, ecosystem of Amazon Rain forest, mapping oceans of the world and Antartica were all done by the drones exported from Mr. Khan. They vision drones to go 80,000 feet and see geographic and weather changes. Drones were never designed for lethal purposes.

Drones or machines donot have a conscience of their own, rather they are driven by the motivation of the operators. The reasons are political and technical. Why we need drones? Drones are quick and can do dirty jobs such as radiation measurements in Japan. Drones have high endurance and most importantly cost effective. Their production is much less costlier than an air plane and a small factory is enough.

We are obsessed with the lethal Predator drone. But drone is not a weapon, it’s a technology, it’s a tool. If we could have used for surveillance, we could have stopped Mehran Base attack. We happened to think drone as dangerous, but they are propaganda is drones warfare. Drones can be used to safe life.

Drones are asked to build respirators, drop medicines by Doctors without borders. Drones are asked to photograph Sindh and Balouchistan. Drones can be used to provide flood relief. Today every Enginnering University has a group of students working on final year projects of making drones. This is the future and Pakistan is not behind, rather leading.