How mobile phones help disaster relief?

Paul Conneally

This talk is worth to be worked upon. It has unique approach to technology to help disaster relief. Infact the very concept was made from Haiti experience. I want this idea to be implemented in Pakistan. Our country is now filled with mobile phones. We face yearly floods and sometimes earth quakes too. So a mobile phone in a disaster situation could be the only solution

We can create and SMS and GPS based application. That could connect disaster victims to the relief foundations of our Rangers (para military forces) or like Rescue 1122. This app can be very helpful. 
 Nowadays is the time of POKEMON GO which uses GPS and google maps. Similarly we can make an app that allows better tracking solutions in disaster situations.

Today is the digital age. Time where people spent half of their day gazing their touch screens. At like this EDHI JDC CHIPA and others can work together and with this technology make relief much easier. Pakistan should take precaution and pre emptive approach to disasters.