Purpose of My Creation

I am Muhammad Ibrahim, an Electrical Engineer and an AMAL fellow, working in UET as Research Assistant and I belong to a village of Sahiwal. I am happy with my life and striving to make it more pleasureful and beautiful. Despite of this satisfaction I am irritated by two questions. These questions are very distracting and depressing. Some times they put such stress that I become restive and apprehensive. I want to share these questions with you and there solution also that I have suggested. If I am on wrong track then please guide me to right one with proper solution.

  1. Why in countries of third world like Pakistan birth rate is very high? Already they have shortage of food, resources, education, health facilities, insecurity of lives, economic instability etc. God should help them by reducing it and facilitate them for better life. But there is sacred silence from His side.
  2. Why I born in the far off village of Pakistan where all the up mentioned problems are present but spreading also. I supposed to be a member of Arab Royal family or son of Mughal emperors but I am not. Why I was sent to this society?

I analyzed some experiences and studied the theories of present and ancient countries and came to the point that might be a solution of these questions and they are:

  1. You know why God does not reduce their birth rate? Because He is helping these nations by increasing manpower and the larger the number of people means greater number of minds that can present unanimous solutions to the society. This man power is the asset of the nation and their is only need of identification of talent and proper guidelines. You can see China as its example that how they have flourished on the world with population of 1.357 billion the 6/7 of total world population.
  2. My existence in this region means I have some special responsibility of my society, nation and world. If I am there then I have to do the job that I should have to do.I have to figure out that responsibility in exact time so that I can fulfill it in time.

After rigorous efforts exerted on my daily life analysis now I am able to say that purpose of my life in this society is to work for the development of community by creating awareness in them about themselves, their rights and by improving education standards. They have potential and energy and their is need of awaking the potential and motivation.

I want to make my society peaceful and happy but I cannot prevent adversities to occur that make them sad. However I can make them strong enough to face them by changing their thinking, by facilitating them in these situations and by sharing their grief. I can do this and this is best possible way to make my society a best place to live in. I can change the point of view about the world.

So I have a goal to develop an acumen that will serve my society in following ways:

In our society large number of children are losing their childhood working as labor. Their parents gave them birth so they will bring some income daily and think them they are their property which they can sell also. I want to equip them with proper skills on them they can develop their business in future.

I want to work for women rights especially their childhood marriage and unfair marriages. I always try to convince parents to ask their children’s opinion and also wait for proper age of marriage. In this I elaborate practical examples to them to better understand from others.

Sometimes people are depressed only because they want to express their tensions but there is no one who can listen so I try to listen others attentively to release their tensions and this really works. They feel happy and relax after exhausting there whole frustration.

People are sad because they feel they are vague they have no importance due to their poverty, they are ignorant no one appreciate them on their achievements. I try to give them importance and feel them that they have value they are indispensable for

If I am not able to give anything to others then I give smile to them. I try to be positive as I can so they can get energy from me because we present mirror reflections to others and if these reflections are positive then they shall develop will of positive work in others.

Every one has a purpose and this is responsibility of us to identify it.

“If you can’t figure out your purpose, figure out your passion. For you passion will lead you right into your purpose”

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