Information interview

I did my internship in state life corporation Pakistan. When I was there I work in different department. When I go to PHS policy holder after Sale service I learn about how to make after sale services and the instructor over their Guide me about it. His name was Rana Ihsan I met to them and get content number of him.

After Amal academy‘s 4rth session I call him that I want to know about state life more, when you can give me time?

He give me time after 4 pm and I have to reach in their office, after 4pm I go there and place some questions in front of him in this face to face interview he give me all the answer I need I get all the information that I want.

Question which I ask to him are as fellow:

1. Yours job title?

2. Job timing?

3. What problems in which you deal?

4. What you do mostly at work?
 How did you get job?

5. What is the qualification required for this job?

6. Why you decide to work here?

7. Your job is interesting for you or boring?

8. Are you satisfied from your job?

9. How is the environment on job?

10. How is your boss behavior with you?

11. What you can tell me about culture of corporation?

12. How your job effected on your life style?

13. How was you prepare for getting your job?

14. How was your written resume?

15. Do you have any advice for me?

16. Do you have any warning for me?

17. How is the experience to work here?

Then i said thanks to him after this conversation.

This was very impressive experience which gives me a lot of information and confidence.

1. I learn that:

2. There are equal opportunities in Government sector as well for getting job.

3. There is no sifarish ion state life corporation

4. How to use social circle

5. How to apply for job in state life?

6. Most important how to interview of your seniors.

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