Am I Interested? Let see if it is.

The tool of communication is lifeline for many us. It has ability to save and protect our important circles of life. The communication develop relationship between people and helps you to adhere needs of your role in the building strong relationship. People usually develop interest in the things of their liking and shows care to people to whom they want to talk. The idea of interested from the book of Dale Carnegie gives “if you care people, people will care you,” points out that people reacts on action they received from others. Preciously, People with caring attitude received more in return. The idea also helps in the approaching certain things to life. People usually adopt interested approach when they want to put significant influence on the lifestyle of others and take leading role in their activities.

The word interested has lot to do with professional life of a person and book referred above gives depth inside that factor like motivation, care, and commitment with employee social welfare play important role in the professional life. The Interested like as a leader lot to with the approach to being motivating the employees and helps them to feel as their own business. The work interested also help employees to develop trust in the business and show commitment to higher authorities regarding the business approach one want to adopt in the activities of business.

For being interesting challenge I meet with my ex-boss. The boss was very excited to see and very happy to found me establishing my own business. The boss provides discuss interest aspects of my professional life and describe my struggle period that I spent under his observation. The time I spent with him was one of the greatest time to learn skills that are paying me well. The boss provide some inspiration thoughts and motivate me lots what I am capable of doing. The meeting allows me to ask about boss health, business condition and prospectus projects. It also give inside information of prospective trend in coming day in business. I also share some ideas of business that we can work jointly and he really appreciate my effort and creative thinking but he rejects due to personal reasons. Overall, it was good meeting to explore the word interesting.