3 Best Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen in 2019

Vlogging Cameras With Flip Screen

Why Flip Screen Camera

Why do you say flip screen? As a Vlogger, the camera can make a good impact. So, using a camera with a flip screen, you don’t need to worried about the shooting, because you can see what you’re recording in real time.

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Flip screens are a simple but extremely valuable benefit to any YouTuber.

Best vlogging room with flip screen

If you like watching Vloggers like Casey Neistat, FunForLouis and Mr. Ben Brown. It is more than likely that you will see a camera and shoot with a flip screen in their hands. This is mainly due to their active Vlogging styles and being able to record themselves and their surroundings without losing a beat.

Below we have compiled a list of favorite Vlogging cameras with a flip screen that also incorporates other important Vlogging elements such as HD video, wide angle lenses, optical image stabilization and more.
I also understand that everyone has different budgets. So we included rooms for a wide range of budgets, which all have flip screens. Okay, let yourself stay!

Best Camera with Flip Screen Camera

Top 5 Best Rooms with Flip Screen

1. Canon PowerShot G7X

The best Canon G7X tilt-screen camcorders The powerful Canon G7X is popular with YouTubers and Vloggers for many reasons. Simply put all the functions that a creator wants in a room that is wrapped in a compact package.

Of course, you also get the flip screen that folds back to the top of the camera. Also, because the screen folds over the top of the camera, it is much easier to hold on both sides.

Another bonus is that it is a touch screen, so you can access the setting with just a touch like a smartphone. That is, he does not return the camera while recording.

Another great feature of this Canon G7X that attracts YouTubers is the excellent video quality. It is even comparable to a DSLR camera, such as 70D or 80D. I made dozens of videos with this camera and I also confirm that the video quality is spot on!

Along with a flip screen, the Canon G7X also has optical image stabilization, which is great if you plan to shoot outdoors or outdoors. After using OIS, you now return to a room without it.
Ok, so there are some disadvantages to this room? The only disadvantage I had with this camera was the limitation of the battery life. But I was not so surprised that it seems to be a recurring problem for the cameras. However, we easily bypassed this by purchasing an extra battery, which are very cheap.

Overall, the Canon G7X is a true Vlogging work step that I would recommend to any aspiring video creator. A real cheap allrounder packing a punch!

Features Canon PowerShot G7X Flip Screen

Rotate the screen
Touch screen
1080p video recording
20 Megapixel sensor
Optical image stabilization

2. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR

The 5 best rooms with the best flip screen vlogging in 2019
If you want to step up your Vlogging / YouTube game, then this Canon 70D might be the one for you. Like the G7X above, 70D is also another crowd favorite among video creators.

Some of the great benefits I have found when using this camera are low light sensitivity and optical image stabilization. Of course, with this Canon 70D you get a flip screen that I can nail and twist in all sorts of wrong directions.

In addition to the flip screen, this beast also has the ability of continuous autofocus, which was a huge help in tracking the moving subjects. This is a great addition to the camera because it allowed me to record in a wide range of environments.
This was very helpful when I was recording my travel vlogs while riding my scooter and also traveling in buses, trains and airports. (However, I do not register on a scooter).

One disadvantage I noticed when using this camera is that it can start to get really hard in my hand when vlogging for long periods. But I easily remedied this using a Joby GorillPod.
As for the Vlogging cameras, this was one of the best we tested in terms of usability and durability. Now I can see which favorite of this crowd is among the creators.

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Digital camera features with Canon EOS 70D digital SLR

Interchangeable objectives
19-point autofocus
ISO 100–12800
20 Megepixel
Rotate the screen

3. Samsung NX Mini

The Best Samsung Mini Tilt Cams This compact Samsung NX Mini camera is sure to deliver an extraordinary punch at an affordable price. For the money I paid, surprisingly, there are many features I would expect from an even more expensive DSLR or camera.

Samsung is really pushing the boundaries of many new photo lines. This Samsung NX Mini camera definitely falls into this category.

First of all, this room is really small, almost unprecedented. This camera can literally fit into the palm of your hand or easily into a pocket. However, do not be fooled by the compactness of this room. .
Besides the fact that it has a compact body of the camera, of course it has a flip screen or a selfie that floats on top of the camera, rather on the side.

This Samsung NX Mini also offers some serious 1080P quality videos, which are comparable to the G7X I reviewed above.

To my surprise, this camera also has the option to change lenses, which can be seen as a disadvantage. In my opinion, it is a huge bonus because it gives you more options for changing lenses. This is a pretty bold move from Samsung, as not many other current camera brands are doing this for their P&S camera range.

When I purchased my model, I had the option of choosing the fixed 9mm lens or the 9mm — 29mm lens. I definitely recommend opting for the 9mm-29mm, as it gives you a much more variable range.
It should also be noted that the opening of this NX Mini is displayed at f3.5, so it may suffer slightly in low light situations. However, this camera has a good sensor and a high ISO with counters for this problem. Overall, a great camera that easily deserved a spot on my list of best flip-screen cameras.

Samsung NX Mini camera features

1080p video quality
External small port
Very compact! (6.9 oz 110 x 62 x 23 mm)
Accessible price
Interchangeable objectives

More Vlogging Equipment For Beginners

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