5 Best Vlogging Cameras For Beginners in 2019

Vlogging or Video Blogging is a fantastic way to share your life, thoughts, opinions, and travels to the world. Almost everything you need to get started with Vlogger is 3 things.

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A YouTube channel
Excellent content
Vlogging Camera to capture the world around you.
We decided to make a list of the best beginner vlogging rooms so you can start Vlogging right away!

Top 5 best vlogging Cameras for Beginners

1. Canon G7X

2. Canon PowerShot S120

3. Nikon CoolPix S7000

4. Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D)

5. Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

One of the best things about Vlogging is that it’s very fun. That doesn’t mean it can’t be hard work. Uploading videos regularly can be quite demanding. So it definitely helps if you enjoy what you do. To make your life easier as a Vlogger, it also helps if you have a good camera.

Below we have provided some of the best Vlogging rooms out there. This includes rooms for low / medium / large budget Vloggers. For this reason we have included rooms suitable for Vloggers trips to Vloggers makeup.

Canon G7X

We will start this list with the Canon G7X. You may have heard of this camera before because it is well known among the YouTube / Vlogging community. There are many reasons why this camera is so used by Vloggers.

In short, this Canon G7X includes all the features and benefits needed for a good Vlogging camera. Some of the best features you can expect from these rooms include. Optical image stabilization, excellent light sensitivity, flip touch screen, superb video quality and a wide-angle lens f1.8.

What makes this Canon G7X camera so desirable for Vloggers is that it can be used for a wide range of video recordings. For example, this camera would be great for manual vlogging because of image stabilization. It would also work well in a studio setting with good video quality. As this room has many great functions, it deserved the place no. 1 on the list of the best beginner vlogging rooms.

Canon PowerShot S120

Loading rooms for beginners Another great camera on this list is the Canon PowerShot S120. This camera is a good balance between proving excellent video quality at an affordable price. Some of the biggest Vloggers videos, such as Casey Neistat and MrBenBrown, were made using this Canon S120.

One of the biggest reasons why Vloggers use this room is because of its fantastic build quality. If you plan to record videos every day, a durable camera is a must. Ideally, this room would be suitable for the traveler or Vlogger who goes out daily.

As good as this Canon PowerShot S120 is, there are a few things you should be aware of. First is the fact that there is no flip screen. If you intend to register, it may be important to see what is being recorded. However, because this camera has a wide-angle lens, you will most likely always get it in the frame. Overall, this is one of the best beginner vlogging rooms because it offers so much value to an excellent brand like Canon.

More Vlogging Equipment For Beginners

Nikon CoolPix S7000

Beginner Vlogging Rooms If you really want to get into Vlogging, but you have a limited budget, then this room can only be yours. With a price tag under $ 200, it is very appealing for beginner budgets with a budget. In addition to being reasonably priced, you also get a camera that records videos in 1080P HD!

It is really a test of the cameras in 2016 that you can get such an affordable camera that can record HD video for your Vlog. Another feature of this Nikon S700 camera is that you have Wi-Fi connectivity, so you can upload videos to a computer. No cables required, yes! This camera also has an ISO of 6400, so it can record video in some low light settings.

With the Nikon S700 under $ 200, there are some sacrifices that will need to be made. With this camera and many points and photos, the battery life can be quickly passed. Again, it all depends on how much you intend to use it. You can avoid this by purchasing additional batteries.

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Canon EOS Rebel T4i (650D)

Beginner Load Cams This is the first DSLR of the best beginner start cams for several reasons. First of all, it is due to all the features that are packed in this room at a moderate price. One of, if not the best feature of this camera is the high quality video that captures it.

If you are planning on tying up makeup, beauty, technology or anything else that requires a great video, this may be the room for you! The good thing about this Canon Rebel T4i camera is that you are not locked to a single lens. This means that you can update your lens at any time. Which allows you to really produce high quality content. You can see our review of the new Canon Rebel T5i here.

Along with the ability to change lenses, you can also attach an external microphone for superior sound. This Canon Rebel T4i can be mounted on almost any tripod for stable video recording. Overall, this is one of the best Vlogging rooms for beginners who want to dive right into a wonderful room.

Sony Cyber-shot RX100 IV

Starter Cameras For Beginners When it comes to great photos, this Sony RX100 takes the crown. Many critics have said that this camera is a “disturbance” of the camera market. This is mainly due to all the expensive features of a DSLR that you get in this compact body. An amazing feature of this camera, in particular, is that it records 4K videos.

If you don’t intend to shoot 4K videos, that’s fine. This Sony RX100 can record in many types of formats and speeds. You can also expect optical image stabilization and low light sensitivity. Another great feature that is not often talked about is the flip screen that this camera has. However, it is not a touch screen, such as the G7X or 70D.

What draws Vloggers / YouTubers to these cameras is that they are so versatile. This means that it can meet all the types of Vlogging you intend to do. Some examples are travel vlogging, games or product reviews to name a few. In general, this room has a high quality and value for the functions you receive.


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