Online Freight Canvass

After contemporary analysis, the problem identifies in Shipping and Logistics Industry (B2B Industry) is that there are many pain points to get RIGHT COMPETITIVE QUOTATION RATES and this is the uphill task in shipping industry to perform or execute shipments in an efficient and cost leadership way. In respond to this we propose some pragmatic problem solving Idea which is “Online Freight Canvass” which is briefly elaborated on below.

Target Customer:

In initial stage for this Business Model, primary focus is to increase customer base (Shippers and Freight Forwarders) the target market would initially Shippers and local forwarders then it be followed to the foreign key market players as this model has a wide horizon to expand globally pragmatically. With offering of packages like A B C services to different key players.

It is also important to educate and awareness about technological advancement and realize customers to have dig into online importance.


The key job to done here is to provide a faster and easy access to customers regarding online access to get instant real freight quotes from different forwarders and select or endorse particular rates depending upon the requirement and in view of Company’s outlook and portfolio.

This online process will mitigate the waiting time for particular inquiry ones generate and wait for the long hours or even some days and no one revert with desirable rates quotation since in Shipping Industry, timing is crucial and everything.

Dash Board with hierarchical process

Consumption Barrier:

A) There is a limitation to go online in B2B Industry as people resist in changing and following conventional ways.

B) People are comfortable in visiting a company sitting in front of them and then discussing and deciding on things as usual norm and get rates directly on basis or personal relationship

C) Forwarders may get reluctant to expose their rates in market as this is the competitive edge of any Freight forwarders

D) Competition becomes more agile and stiff among all Freight forwarders to respond against each firm inquiry.

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