The ‘Color Blind’ Guardians of Anti-Black Racism by M. Rasheed

The dominant group’s latest counter attack against anti-racism activism is the fact that any and all talk about stopping “labels” and “identity politics” is nothing more than an attempt to make the identity politics of “whiteness” the default normal one in order to protect the White Supremacist Ideology. The dance goes like this:

1.) The poor, light-skinned immigrant tribes of Europe decided they were tired of being the go-to footstools of Europe’s wealthy elite, so they campaigned to be exempt from ‘white slavery’ in the New World.

2.) The light-skinned ethnic tribes of Europe conspired across socio-economic class lines to…

“Unified to Serve One Clique” by M. Rasheed

For those who’ve noticed I’ve been going after socialism and communism in my editorial cartoon work for the last week or so, it may seem on the surface as if I’ve suddenly turned white Republican conservative, or so I’ve been accused in a specialized leftist social media group that I’ve been sharing my oeuvre in. This is not the case, however, since my specific critique against those systems is through the lens of the anti-racism activist instead of from the lofty ideals the true believer proponents espouse. Personally, the highest ideals of a free market capitalist society are significantly more…

“The White Liberal’s Classic Attempt to Cancel ADOS Reparations” by M. Rasheed

In order for the black American Descendants of Slavery (ADOS) to achieve our long overdue Reparatory Justice, it will require a necessary confirmation and re-commitment to capitalism. This creates a fundamental ideological conflict with our white liberal ally, who’s been preaching a nigh-continuous stream of anti-capitalism propaganda since Karl Marx’s Das Kapital was published during the exact same time period chattel slavery was abolished, Reconstruction was being attacked and our political enemies were trying to figure out how to NOT give us our Reparations.

During the long journey trying to achieve full U.S. citizen empowerment and economic inclusion, the ADOS…

Muhammad Rasheed

Editorial Cartoonist | Muslim | #ADOS | Graphic Novel Serialist | Driving myself crazy one #antiracism cartoon at a time...

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